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  1. How do I go about selecting and contracting live music for my event? (I've never done this before) 
  2. Where has Chaser performed?
  3. Do you play that song by ....  ? It's called ....  ?
  4. Who is going to play at my party? I've heard horror stories about a different band showing up!
  5. What is the cost of hiring Chaser to play at my party?
  6. When is the next time I can see Chaser  perform?
  7. How many breaks does the band take? Do you play dinner music?
  8. Do you play classical ceremonial music? Do you play jazz cocktail music?

How do I go about selecting and contracting live music for my event? (I've never done this before)

The first step is "The search" which you are already on and this website is a great place to search. If you take the time to look through this website, read about and listen to our band it should help to answer most of your questions about hiring a band. What kind of music do you want for your party? What don't you want at your party? Are your guest a dancing crowd, a listening crowd or little of both? Do you want the band to make a lot of announcements at your party or keep the announcements to a minimum?  Is the band experienced and professional at the art of listening to your request, working with your caterer and creating great music for a perfect party start to finish? Do they play out at clubs where you can go see them live? Have your friends, family or coworkers recommended them?

The answers to these questions will help you find the kind of  band that is right for you and your party. Is Chaser the right band for your party?  We hope so! We are multi-styled, very experienced and versatile but we do not claim to be every style of band for every party. What makes Chaser unique, exciting and fun is our blend of multi-talented performers who love music and enjoy working together. We give 110% of ourselves to make you feel good and dance!

 The next step is finding out if the band is available for your date, time and party location. If the band you want is available then now is the time to contract the band for your date. Top bands are in high demand and cannot be expected to "Hold" dates open for you without a contract and deposit. The contract should have the type of party or event, date, address, times,  phone numbers, names, who is signing , who is paying, total cost, payment method, cocktail hour, ceremony ( if applicable), overtime rates, number of musicians & what instruments, special request or statements, band leaders Name, address, phone number, signature and cancellation clauses. In short -  all the details in writing in plain English.

You should feel comfortable speaking to the band about the music and details for your party. I talk with our clients several times before there party to answer questions, offer suggestions, get information and draw up contracts. This is usually done on the phone, through the mail, e-mails back and forth or in person depending on everyone's busy schedules. Many of our clients are often out of town or too busy to  meet with me or come down to see us at the clubs. They appreciate how I stay in touch with them online and on the phone to help them out with their  music decisions and party details.

I hope this helps you with your search for the right band.  Sincerely,  David Morris ( guitars, vocals - band leader) Chaser.

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Where has Chaser performed?

Chaser has performed at thousands of  great parties, clubs and venues over the last 23 years. From Manhattan to The Hamptons and Montauk. From the Jersey Shores to the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Statin Island. From Westchester to Connecticut and Newport Rhode Island. From Upstate NY Rhinebeck, Redhook to the Palisades and Washington D.C. For a partial listing go to our clubs and venues page. Where are you having your party? Chances are we have worked there and know the facility. Ask us, we can help you select the right band set up for your party.

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Do you play that song by ....  ? It's called ....  ?

Go to our song list  page to search for your song. If you do not see it listed just ask us and if we don't already know it we would be happy to learn it for your party. This is the question I get the most often. If you can't remember the correct song title and or artist I'll ask you to hum it to me over the phone - I can usually come up with the right answer or find it on the Internet.

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Who is going to play at my party? I've heard horror stories about a different band showing up!

We get this question and have heard these stories many times. Unfortunately some dishonest agencies and or bands have double booked themselves on two or more jobs at the same time. They send in a different band with a few or worse yet none of the original band members! By this time it is too late to do anything about it and the "substitute" band usually plays the job. Dishonesty greed & incompetence of a few bands and offices have rightfully made many people leery and mistrusting of bands and musicians. This is a shame because most bands like Chaser are honest, hard working and create something of great value - live music!

Sending in another band to play at your party? Chaser does not do this! If you hire us you get the band that you hired. What you see and hear is what you get. Chaser is not a booking agency or group of bands and orchestras. We are one band with all original members that perform at one function at a time and if we are available we would love to play at yours.

We show up early, prepared and play the full amount of time agreed upon. We have run our business honestly and professionally for over 20 years. We pride ourselves in our excellent track record of very successful parties and thousands of thrilled satisfied customers. All of our clients have given us great "word of mouth endorsements" they highly recommend us to all their friends and associates keeping us in demand and booked in advance for which we are thankful.

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What is the cost of hiring Chaser to play at my party?

The cost of hiring Chaser to provide live music at your party, function or event determined by several factors one being the size of the band  that you hire. We usually work as a 7, 8, 9, or 10 member band depending on the size and budget of your party.

  The amount of time that you hire us for is also a cost factor i.e.: Most parties, receptions, events  & dinner/ dances  are booked as a 4 hour package with cocktail hours, ceremonies and overtime hour added on before and after the 4 hour party. We usually have 1,2,3,4 or 5 musicians playing music at the cocktail hour and ceremony depending on want you want.

 The location of your event is cost factor also. We are located in the New York City - Long Island area but we do travel! Travel time, cost and hotel (if required) for us will determine the final cost to you.

The accessibility and set up time at the location of your event are also a factor. We have worked at most facilities in the Tri-State Area and know the layouts and set ups. However factors like - no elevator and a 2 or three story walk-up with all of our equipment, being able to unload our truck near the loading entrance, having access to the location 1 hour before your party and having access to power are all details that we need to discuss with you and your caterer so that everything about your party can run smoothly.

 All of these factors will determine the cost of hiring Chaser, we are flexible and do not work all jobs at one set size or price. To find out pricing options for your event contact us by e-mail  .  Let me know the Date - Place - Times and  size of your party. I will mail you our price list and options that we can offer you. Thank you for  taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you soon.  David Morris ( guitars, vocals - band leader and bookings) Chaser.

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When is the next time I can see Chaser  perform?

Check out our Club Calendar page or e-mail us at  for other last minute updates and parties.

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How many breaks does the band take? Do you play dinner music?

That depends upon the type of function that we play at. For example at a 4 hour wedding reception we play dance music, your entrance music, your first dance and more music until your first course. Then 1,2,or 3 musicians play background music during first course. Then the full band plays until main course then 1,2,or 3 musicians play background music during dinner. Then the full band plays until  your cake cutting or desert. 1,2,or 3 musicians play background music during desert. Then the full band plays until  the end of your party. It's usually 3 breaks  ( we rotate musicians for the breaks) We are often asked to play special CD's during dinner or breaks to provide our clients and their guest with all of the music they want to hear. At functions such as corporate parties, award ceremonies, fund raisers or dances  where there will be speeches or presentations we work out the timing of the breaks in live music with you. The music at your party will flow smoothly start to finish!

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Do you play classical ceremonial music? Do you play jazz cocktail music?

Yes we do. Ask about our classical music repertoire. We play 1,2, & 3 piece ceremonies with piano/organ, flute and classical guitar. We also do all instrumental 1,2,3,4,5 & 6 piece jazz cocktail hour music with piano, sax,  jazz guitar, trumpet, bass and drums. Ask about our jazz music repertoire.

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